JJ records professional quality drum tracks - up to 8 simultaneous channels: kick, snare, two overheads, three toms, room - in her project studio located in Flagstaff, AZ.

Using your scratch tracks (recorded to a click is preferable, but not necessary), JJ records drum tracks which you then use to layer your final tracks. Recording remotely in this way saves you the cost of travel, engineer fees, and equipment rental/cartage. And since JJ charges per song and not by the hour, you don't pay studio time for drum set-up and tuning, mic placement and testing, multiple takes, or comping and editing.

To hear examples of tracks recorded in JJ's studio, go to the Music page and listen to the songs "Gender Free" or "Counterpoint".

Do you have a song that is already fully tracked that you feel could benefit from drums? One of JJ's specialties is adding drum tracks "after the fact" (i.e. after most of the other tracks have been recorded, which is the opposite of a typical recording where the drums tracks are usually laid down first). JJ can do this even for songs that were not originally recorded to a click. To hear examples of JJ adding drums on an already finished song, go to the Music page and listen to the Lucy Wainwright Roche song "A Quiet Line", or the Coyote Grace song "Goodnight, Lady".

Recording Equipment (see the Gear page for pictures)


  • 2015 Gretsch Renown Walnut with 20" kick, and 10", 12" & 15" toms
  • 1979 Gretsch Maple Stop-Sign Badge kit w/ 22" kick and 10", 12", & 13" toms
  • 2002 Yamaha Manu Katche Signature Mahogany kit, w/ 16" kick, 8" & 13" toms
  • 2007 Gretsch USA Custom Maple snare, 5"x14"
  • 2015 Tama Stewart Copeland Signature Snare, 5"x14"


  • Kick: Sennheiser e902
  • Snare: Shure Beta 57A
  • Toms: Beyerdynamic TG D52d's
  • Overheads: Rode NT5 matched pair
  • Room: Brauner VMA tube mic


  • Saffire Pro 40 audio interface, with eight Focusrite preamps
  • Logic 9.0
  • Slate Digital Trigger EX