One-on-one, personalized instruction on drums via Skype by JJ Jones, Berklee-trained, internationally touring female drummer and educator. All ages and abilities. First half-hour lesson is free. 

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Lessons With JJ

The best teachers I've ever had made me feel like I could do it too - they empowered me - and that is exactly what I try and do with my drum students. I am a fun and encouraging teacher who brings an infectious joy and passion about music and drumming. And I'm able to translate difficult concepts and techniques into language everyone can understand.

How Do Skype Drum Lessons Work?

All you need is an internet connection and a laptop or tablet. The first half-hour session is free: I will walk you though the brief setup of your webcam and mic, test your volume levels, and talk about your goals for taking lessons. After that, my prices are $45 for an hour, or $25 for half-hourMost students do an hour a week, but you can do however much you like.

What To Expect From Skype Drum Lessons

Depending on your goals and experience, we can start with a few simple beats, while simultaneously teaching you drum basics like proper stick grip, posture, kick-drum pedal technique, counting and keeping time. As you progress, we'll work on drumming fundamentals like rudiments, limb independence, speed and control, dynamics, developing your ear and musicality, how to read drum notation, etc. We'll go in a sequential fashion: basic 8th-note rock beats to 8th-note fills, 16th-note beats and fills, triplets and shuffles, ghost notes and syncopated grooves, funk beats, blues and jazz grooves, linear beats, latin grooves, and on and on.

I will give you lesson handouts, homework assignments (to do at your own pace), PDF files of drum charts, interactive transcriptions, and play-along songs. You will learn and progress according to your particular interest area and time commitment. 

Mentoring and Coaching 

Mentoring sessions are an option to answer questions on equipment, touring, live performance issues, songwriting and arrangements, making your drums sound better, developing your ear and musicality. We can even do a Skype session with your entire band. I've produced, arranged and written in multiple projects (see my discography), taught arranging, recording and songwriting classes at song schools and rock camps, and coached many bands. I've played guitar and bass professionally as well.

Drums Are GOOD For You

Scientific research shows a multitude of benefits from drumming: it releases endorphins, improves mood and cognitive function, boosts the immune system, increases pain tolerance, relieves stress, facilitates cooperation in groups, AND burns calories (of course!). It even has a positive effect on Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, depression, and PTSD. Playing drums is a win-win, any way you look at it.

Check out this awesome article containing all the reasons you should learn to play drums, as well as this amazing blog post by a woman with ADHD who took up playing drums in her fifties and improved her brain function and alleviated her depression. 

To schedule a free lesson with JJ, click here.

Students Testimonials

"Thanks for being the best teacher ever! Technically good, intuitively good, patient and positive. My family is so excited that I'm so excited! Thank you so much. Next week can't come soon enough!" Laura E.

"JJ, I wanted to tell you again how much I liked working with you. I learned so much from your example and the obvious joy you take in playing." Laurie H.

"Hey, JJ. Had a drop a note to say THANK YOU for the inspiration and support at Ladies Rock Camp! You taught me to trust myself and to feel free to move with the music! It felt SO great! I also got past the mental limitation of never having had formal drum lessons. I predict instruction under your guidance in the near future. :)"  D.P.

"Even when I'm just watching you instruct, set up a PA, or (especially) when you are on a kit, you continue to teach and amaze me."  L.J.

"Thank you for your commitment, passion, grooves, and dedication. You are such a powerful asset to Rock Camp and each and every one of us is grateful for your presence and willingness to show up in such a tremendous and embodied way. Thank you for you JJ!  #‎yourock‬"  S.H